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Thursday, January 20, 2011


World By  Shotglass
Chapter 8 :

  •    Location :  Europe (Baltic Region)
  •    Capital: Riga
  •    Language: Latvian
  •    Population: 2.21 million
  •    Total Area: 64,589 km2
  •    Currency: Lats
  •    Annual average liquor consumption per capita: 10.6 liters per year
  •    Annual Beer Consumption Per Capita: 68 liters per year
  •    The Most Popular Drink: Cezu Dzins

Latvia Riga Shot Glass (Thanks Alex P.)

Latvia Riga Shot Glass (Thanks Alex P.)

Latvia Shot Glas (Thanks Alex P.)

Latvia Riga Shot Glass (Thanks Alex P.)

Latvia  Shot Glass (Thanks Alex P.)

  • The City

Latvia is the central country of the Baltic States located in North-eastern Europe on the east coast of the Baltic SeaLatvia’s capital is Riga where more than one third of Latvia’s population lives and works.   Riga was founded in 1201, and it is one of the oldest medieval cities in Europe.  It has been listed by UNESCO as one of the world’s most important cultural and natural sites.  Riga also had an honor of hosting a NATO summit, a world hockey championship, the Eurovision Song Contest and many other large-scale international events.

  • The People

Once Latvia re-gained independence from Russia, Latvians became very nationalistic.  Inherited citizenship was applied to all citizens of the Republic of Latvia in 1940 and their descendants as well as some minorities.  Others were offered to either get citizenship from their native country or to become permanent residents without a citizenship. 

  • Drinking

The main alcoholic drink in Latvia is beer. If you want to sample local drinking culture head for a beer bar although it is not recommended for single ladies or even groups of ladies only.  The most popular local brand is Aldaris.  Famous back in the Soviet Union, Riga’s Balzam or Riga’s Black Balzam is a bitter brew made from a secret recipe of various roots, grasses and herbs.  It is supposed to cure your cold or flu in a snap.  While I did not test it for that, it certainly has a very distinct taste, perhaps best described as something that must be good for you because it tastes awful. 

  • Checking Out Architecture
Rīga’s elegant Old Town and distinctive Art Nouveau architecture serve as a stimulating setting for a vibrant modern business and cultural life.  A whole district is dominated with examples of the architecture and art works from the late 19th Century.  There are over 800 Art Nouveau buildings in the city and they are certainly worth seeing.

  • Dining

Riga is just emerging as a gourmet capital.  To experience Riga gourmet routes, there are three to choose from: Old City, Art Nouveau and Pardaugava.   If these restaurants do not satisfy your thirst for adventure and innovation, try “Hospitalis”.  Doctors in Riga have opened it and the dining room looks like an operating room and the waitresses wear nurse's uniforms on wheeled beds.  There are syringes and operating tools for cutlery as well as test tube and beakers for wine glasses.   If you order the cake then you're likely to see some fake fingers balanced on the top!

Latvia Riga

Latvia Riga Panorama

Latvia Riga City Center

Latvia Riga Dome Cathedral

Latvia Riga House Of Blackheads

Latvia Riga Old Town

Latvia Riga Old Town 2

Latvia Riga Old Town 3

Latvia Riga Old Town At Night

Latvia Riga Panorama

Latvia Riga St Peter's Cathedral

Latvia Riga View From St.Peter's

Latvia Sigulda

Latvia Jurmala

Latvia Pilsrundale

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