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Monday, April 25, 2011

ALDEN WHITENACK : One Of World's Greatest Shot Glass Collectors.Check out the article in Collector Magazine (Dec.2001 Vol.21 No.12).Simply Amazing!

Here's an article about one of World's greatest shot glass collectors who I am very fortunate to have as my good is of course Alden Whitenack. This article was written by Christie Reed and published in Collector Magazine in December 2001. Many of the present day collectors were either too young 10 years ago or simply had no idea that Alden was and still is working tirelessly to increase his ever growing collection with many new items with many of them being extremely rare, unique and one-of-a-kind. In 2001 Alden had "only" 11,000 shot glasses. Here we are in 2011: Alden Whitenack's collection is now well over 26,000 glasses and growing strong. Many of the shot glasses in his collection are from places that are no longer in business or existence for that matter which of course makes them extremely unique and highly desirable by many serious collectors. You will find out what I am talking about when you read the article and look at pictures of Alden's shot glasses. For now Alden is not in Guinness Book Of Records or in any Hall Of Fame but that may change at any moment as he certainly deserves to be honored for his tremendous efforts in putting together what  is now one of World's biggest (if not THE biggest) and most complete shot glass collections. Moreover, Alden has been a great supporter of my World By Shotglass project. He has given me valuable advice and contributed many beautiful shot glasses with many already posted on Facebook and World By Shotglass website ( and others which will be posted very soon. Alden's expertise and veteran advice cannot be overlooked and is highly appreciated by myself and fans, supporters and followers of World By Shotglass. Besides being one of the greatest collectors, Alden is also one of the nicest and generous people I've ever met. I would like to wish Alden lots of health, happiness and success in everything he does and of course many more discoveries and acquisitions in the ever changing world of shot glass collecting! Cheers!
Respectfully yours,
Yan Vilensky
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Alden & Diane Whitenack

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